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Un DVD sur le Tanganyika edité par L'AIC.

Posté : 24 nov. 2006 23:57
par Benoit J.
Voilà une copie d'un message reçu ce soir, si vous êtes intéressés par des images du lac... :bounce:


I'd like to inform you (and possibly the other guys of this forum) that two friend of mine went twice to the Tanganyika lake where they took some videofilms with a camcorder.

Recently they have made a very high quality 45 minutes DVD.

To me it is very interesting and nice, it's like to have a long dive in the lake! Exactly what I have always dreamt!

If you are interested you can get it here:

Don't hesistate to ask me further info (

Our association (AIC) only sell it but all the money is for the authors who spent a lot to produce it (as you can easily understand!)!


Paolo Salvagiani


Voilà, je fais passer le message, grazie mille per l'informazione Paolo ;)


Posté : 25 nov. 2006 12:36
par J-S
Possible d'en voir un court extrait?

Commande groupée?

Posté : 25 nov. 2006 13:48
par Benoit J.
Il y a un streaming sur le site...

Ok pour nous pour une commande de Noël :D

Posté : 25 nov. 2006 14:01
par Paolo S.
Thank you, Benoit!

J-S a écrit :Possible d'en voir un court extrait?
You can see a short demo on the indicated in the link, but, beware, the quality is very poor and not the best part for sure!
J-S a écrit : Commande groupée?
I think it should be possible, but it's my guess!
Best to ask it directly to the author Stefania

Cheers, Paolo